We helped Femke to get the most out of her rental business.

Porseleen is a sustainable startup in Gent (Belgium) that houses a kitchen library. What that means? You can rent almost anything you’d need in the kitchen, such as a cocktail shaker or a waffle machine. People can try before they buy and you can rent instead of buy the tool you do not use quite often.  
By offering high quality products Porseleen wants to make sustainable impact. By sharing her goods with anyone who wants a product is used more frequently and in the end less products are needed. 
Femke, the founder of Porseleen is on a mission: “We enable people to do everything with nothing” Less clutter, more quality time.  Isn’t that what we all want? “

What our
client says

“Jonas and Maarten are open minded people with a fresh look at things and a sustainable heart. A new concept with renting instead of buying needs another approach to be good and they were the perfect partner to do that. A no hassle, no nonense, to the point coöperation.

With this new website renting becomes as easy and fun as shopping. And that is what makes the difference and ensures real sustainable impact in the end. “

– Femke, Founder of Porseleen

The implementation

For us it is important to build an evironment that fits the already existing way of work. We start by mapping out the existing systems and build our tool around the needs for CRCLR to support this system.

A business dashboard

When you have your CRCLR dashboard, we show the key metrics to optimize your business. You can see which products perform best, what revenues you can expect and finetune your services.

A support service

For us it's not just about the software, we want to help you grow your business. This is why we are always available to help you think about things such as pricing strategy and go to market approaches.

Are you curious about what we can do for you?

Our mission is to speed up the circular economy by the use of sustainable business models. If you have any ideas to experiment with rental, leasing, resell or sharing. Please reach out to us at mt (at) undo.software

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