Traceability for bicycle refurbishing

Bike Republic and Kringwinkel Antwerp teamed up to work together on a new circular business-model. Customers who buy a new bicycle in Bike Republic get a discount if they turn in their old bike.

Kringwinkel Antwerpen will then inspect, clean and repair this bike so it can have a second life. 

This project creates more work for the inclusive economy, it also gives more people access to affordable bicycles and shows the potential to all of what a circular economy could look like. 

Our software tracks each individual bicycle from pick-up in the Bike Republic shop, through repair, all the way until the moment it is sold. This data, combined with information on the bicycle type and details, gives Kringwinkel the information needed to optimize their repair efforts and economic returns from bicycle repair. 

The app also focuses on usability in an environment where not all people can read (Dutch/English) and thus has a very strong visual language to make it accessible and inclusive for all to use. 

Are you curious about what we can do for you?

Our mission is to speed up the circular economy by the use of sustainable business models. If you have any ideas to experiment with rental, leasing, resell or sharing. Please reach out to us at mt (at)

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