Create transparency and efficiency with circular logistics

Our CRCLR platform offers a solution for you to track, monitor and drive an efficient (return) logistical flow.
Why reinvent the wheel? We'll work with what you got!
Circular logistics

Monitor the flow of products in your circular business model

Add timestamps to every step of your products lifetime journey. This gives you insights into your product performance and helps you optimize the flow of goods in the supply chain.

Our system also allows you to connect products to partners to outsource logistics, repaid and maintenance. 


Made for an inclusive economy, optimized to be used by everybody,

We believe the circular economy is an ideal model for a more inclusive labor force. Our software can be adjusted to be used by people with disadvantages or disabilities.

Become a future proof brand

The viability of a circular business model lies in the efficiency of the value chain. Don't navigate blind, use data to steer your ship.

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