Enhance your webshop with subscriptions, rental or resell.

We offer off-the-shelf solutions for you to kickstart your circular business-model, without the hassle of a new system.
Why reinvent the wheel? We'll work with what you got!
Offer products as a service

A new way to service your customers

Become the ‘swapfiets’ of your industry by offering your products for a fixed fee per month.

Offer your products for a pre-determined amount of months or days. This can be a great way to offer a ‘try before you buy’ or experiential brand service.

Want to start selling your brand’s pre-owned products? Or do you want to set up a peer-to-peer platform for your customer to share your brand’s pre-loved items? We got you covered!


Optimize your circularity with data & insights

Together we can define what reports you would like to see in a dashboard. We can help you optimize sales, production and estimate turnover over time.

Become a future proof brand

Prepare for a circular future by adding new business models to your webshop environment.

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