Launch, manage & grow
your circular business.

Explore and learn how UNDŌ can help you launch
sustainable and circular business-models.

What can UNDŌ do for you?

Our customers

Read more in depth about how we have applied our software in the industry.

Our software works for all industries


Get the most out of your collection and
offer your customers more service.


Consumers like to switch things up
Why not offer a way for them to do so?


Kids grow fast, our planet does not.
Refurbish high quality products.

Adventure & Travel

Don't sell a tent and backpack
offer a camping experience.


Why spend thousands on one style
if you could rotate styles and keep it fresh?

Tools & equipment

No need to buy expensive gear
If you only use it once.


From washing machines
to coffeemakers.


We don't need all modes of transport
just the right one at the righ times.

Anything you can come up with...

Do you have anything that doesn't fit?
Reach out to us to discuss!


UNDŌ integrates with the tools
your team is already using

There's no need to reinvent the wheel. We build our intelligent system
into your existing digital infrastructure.

We help you transition from a linear business
to seamless circular powerhouse

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